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New Zealand made for New Zealand conditions by Lumberbank

The Lumberworx LIB88s are made in New Zealand to meet NZ building codes and standards. Manufactured at the LumberBank facility under strict quality controls, the I-Beams & Supporting Products arrive onsite with minimal work needed before installation straight and true. We also supply designs that include Glulam Beams and Nelson Pine Industries LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) for our Midfloor and Roofs designs.

In a market driven by cost it is critical that all aspects of the design process are carefully considered and the engineered range from LumberBank can help to provide a cost effective, as well as a robust and high-performance end product.

Design Service, preliminary calculation, extensive planning documents

The LumberBank Design Team can assist architects, designers, and engineers in the specification of our engineered wood products utilising our in-house architectural designers, engineering software, and extensive knowledge of the building industry. Basic principles of floor and roof designing that will enable both new designers and trained professionals to achieve the optimum solution. This can range from help with a single member, through to a complete mid-floor or roof framing layout and producer statement for council.

Support Team, we’ve got you covered.

The Lumberbank Technical/Site Support Team assists both designers and trades during the installation of LumberBank products. The support team is happy to answer all your technical questions and visit sites to ensure every project runs smoothly. We stand behind our products.

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