Finger Jointed Blanks


Radiata Pine is, and will continue to be, the main exotic forest species planted and managed in New Zealand’s forests. Grown in sustainable tree farms, New Zealand Radiata Pine is harvested on a 30-year rotation, giving large diameter trees with mature clearwood which can produce wide boards. Although Radiata Pine has a very low natural durability it has readily permeable sapwood that is easily treated.

We stock a range of KLC Finger Jointed Blanks made when short lengths of high grade radiata pine are selected and finger-jointed together with structural adhesive in an engineered process, resulting in uniform lengths of timber at 6.3 metres.

The finger jointed lengths are then treated, using the revolutionary MicroPro® (MCA) timber treatment technology and kiln-dried to a pre-determined moisture content.

Henkel’s Purbond® adhesive system is used to glue these finger jointed lengths together. This brand aligns with the KLC philosophy of environmental regard, with a solvent system that is formaldehyde-free.

The timber is then blanked which is a skimming process to ensure they are as big as possible for you to machine to your end use.


We stock the Finger-jointed Blanks in the following sizes

Thickness (mm) Widths (mm)
25 (22) 150, 200 (146, 196)
40 (34) 150, 200 (145, 193)
50 (47) 100, 125, 150, 200 (94,121, 147,197)

We also carry Finger-jointed Laminated Blanks in 150, 200 and 250 x 75mm.

These come in 6.3m only.

Common Applications

Interior Timber Joinery, Mouldings, Furniture.

Technical Info

Botanical Name Pinus Radiate
Standard Trade Names Pine, Radiata Pine
Origin Of Product NZ
Density 460 – 560 Kg/m3 @ 12% m.c.
Durability Class 4: Non-durable
Treatment MicroPro H3.2 +
Finish Blanked

Treatment +

All our Blanks are treated to Treated Timber Hazard Class: H3.2 as defined by NZS 3640. Using the MicroPro® preservative system, timber treated to H3.2 is suited for all exterior, above-ground uses, including those for structural applications, such as for pergolas, fences, verandah posts, beams.

MicroPro® (MCA), is a Micronised Copper Azole and conforms to the requirements of NZS3640. It is approved by the Ministry of Industry, Employment & Innovation (formerly Department of Building & Housing).

Copper-based treatment systems have a long and proven history in timber treatment and, with the introduction of a micronised copper delivery in a water-borne system, delivers treatment efficacy in an environmentally sustainable way.

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