Radiata Select Pine Boards


Radiata Pine is, and will continue to be, the main exotic forest species planted and managed in New Zealand’s forests. Grown in sustainable tree farms, New Zealand Radiata Pine is harvested on a 30 year rotation, giving large diameter trees with mature clearwood which can produce wide boards. Although Radiata Pine has a very low natural durability it has readily permeable sapwood that is easily treated by immersion. Making it durable in any of the Hazard Classes from H1 to H6. Excellent machining and finishing properties

Our Radiata pine boards are the perfect material for hobbyists, joiners and furniture makers. Supplied by Tenon Clearwood who provides a reliable and consistent supply of wide boards. These are produced to a millwork standard using high speed Weinig moulders.

These are already machined to D4S and with our Radiata select pine you are guaranteed no wane, one clear face and two clear edges as well as an almost defect-free back face.


We stock the FSC Clears in the following sizes

Thickness (mm) Widths (mm)
25 (18) 50,75,100,150, 200, 250, 300 (45,65,90,140, 180, 235, 285)

These are only available in 2.4m lengths.

Common Applications

Interior Timber Joinery, Mouldings, Furniture

Technical Info

Botanical Name Pinus Radiate
Standard Trade Names Pine, Radiata Pine
Origin Of Product NZ
Density 460 – 560 Kg/m3 @ 12% m.c.
Durability Class 4: Non-durable
Treatment Un-treated
Finish Dressed 4 sides

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