Kwila Fact Sheet

Magna products have a predictable strength and in-service performance and show off the natural beauty of an outstanding quality hardwood.

Product Overview:

Magna offers; straighter, economical, and individually scaled timber beams which are able to withstand even outdoor conditions.

Magna Glulam is made from Kwila, a naturally durable timber and Phenol-Resorcinol Formaldehyde (PRF) adhesive, which makes it suitable for use in fully exposed weather conditions. Kwila also has very low shrinkage rates (1.5% radial & 2.5% tangential) making Magna Glulam less prone to distortion and surface cracking than other timbers. Being rated 2 on a 6-class scale, Kwila also withstands knocks and daily wear and tear better than some other timbers like Radiate Pine or Western Red Cedar.

Glulam Achieves Service Classes 1 to 3
  • Service Class 1 (This is the most common class and is suitable for most applications)
  • Service Class 2 (This is more suitable for applications that experience higher levels of humidity or other environmental factors)
  • Service Class 3 (This class provides extra protection against moisture and helps ensure the structural integrity of structures over time)

We also have 190 x 190mm, 140 x 140mm and 90 x 90mm Magna Posts. Please contact us for lengths available and estimated delivery times as these may vary. 

Magna Maintenance Instructions Section

Magna Handling, Installation and Maintenance Instructions

Uses for Magna Glulam

This highly Multi-purpose hardwood available in a large range of sizes and lengths up to 7.8 metres can be used for:
  • Posts
  • Beams
  • Lintels
  • Bearers
  • Joists


Material Safety Data Sheet

Engineering Certification for Magna Glulam issued by leading Timber Engineers, HR Design Group


GLTAA Certification

Product Warranty

Explanation of Quality Assurance Label


Veranda Beams – Sheet/Tile N3

GL17S Veranda Beams – Sheet/Tile C2

GL17S Veranda Beams – Light Sheet Roofing N2

GL17 Veranda Beams – Light Sheet Roof C2

GL17S Deck Bearers

GL17S Deck Joists

GL17S Floor Bearers

GL17S Deck Joists

GL17S Floor Joists

GL17S Rafters – Sheet/Tile N3

GL17S Rafters – Light Sheet Roof N2/C2

GL17S Roof Beams – Sheet N3

GL17S Lintels – Sheet/Tile N3

GL17S Lower Story Lintels –Tile N3

GL17S Upper Story Lintels – Sheet/Tile N3

GL13 Veranda Posts Sheet Roof N3/C2

GL13 Veranda Posts Tiled Roof N3/C2