The Golden Edge® range of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) products is renowned for its superior colour, consistency and quality.

This makes it an excellent product for applications that require consistent performance, stability, durability and a smooth finish.

Offering versatility and machinability, Golden Edge® is used throughout the world in a variety of ways – from the construction of furniture, cabinetry and shelving, through to the design of children’s toys. This makes it ideal for joiners, furniture manufacturers, commercial fitters, builders and renovators, as well as home handymen.

As the first MDF produced in the Southern Hemisphere, in 1976, Golden Edge® is renowned for innovation and high quality, and also the commitment by Nelson Pine to meeting the world’s most stringent environment standards.


Origin of Product: New Zealand
Grade: NZ
Sheet Size: See table below
Product Name Thickness(mm) Size(mm) Sheet Weight(kg)
Thinline 3 2440×1220 7.14
Thinline 4 2440×1220 9.29
Thinline 4.75 2440×1220 11.03
Thinline 6 2440×1220 13.93
Regular 9 2440×1220 19.40
Regular 12 2440×1220 25.87
Regular 16 2440×1220 34.46
Regular 18 2440×1220 38.80
Regular 25 2440×1220 52.22
Regular 30 2440×1220 62.67