Kwila Laminated Posts


The Magna factory has achieved FSC 100%, made from Merbau timber (also known as Kwila) harvested from legal forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Magna Glulam is made by end-jointing small pieces of Kwila timber to make long lengths which are glued together under pressure using a durable, structural adhesive. Each of these small pieces has been kiln dried to 12-16% prior to gluing which means that even the biggest beams and posts have the same moisture content from core to surface.

It is a high quality timber product with predictable strength and in-service performance. Magna glulam is suitable for use in fully exposed weather conditions known as Service class3.

 Our glulam products are manufactured to Australian Standards under the quality assurance scheme operated by the Glue Laminated Timber Association of Australia. Merbau is one of the world’s toughest timbers. Not only is it strong, hard and straight it is naturally resistant to decay and termites as well as having a high fire rating. Magna’s glulam technology turns timber off-cuts into competitively priced high performance structural timber or attractive furniture and joinery.

Kwila Glulam posts are available in the following sizes.

Kwila Laminated Post GL17 & GL13

K17 90 x 90 Post
K17 115 x 115 Post
K13 140 x 140 Post
K13 190x 190 Post

Longest is 3.6 – 6.0m

These are supplied pre-finished as appearance A-grade, meaning free of knots and other defects and is smoothly dressed ready for clear coating or painting and implementing in your project. Designed for External Structural Applications but also suitable for fine joinery and furniture.