Sourcing Policy

At the LumberBank, one of our core values is Responsibility. We are accountable for our actions and ensure a sustainable approach to all aspects of our business.

We source our timber from likeminded suppliers around the world who are committed to responsible and sustainable management of the forest resources in which they operate.

Responsible Procurement

The Lumberbank is a member of the NZITTG – New Zealand Imported Timber Trade Group. The focus of the group is to promote responsible sourcing and distribution of imported timbers into New Zealand.

The LumberBank will ensure 100% of solid tropical timber products imported into New Zealand will be third party verified, to a minimum of Verified Legal Origin (VLO) or equivalent.

We will also ensure we meet or exceed the NZITTG Sustainability Target of 85% of all imported solid tropical timber products to be third party certified sustainable and responsibly managed.

Updated June 2023