Span Tables

Lumberworx has created the span tables below to assist in the specification of the Lumberworx members. Alternatively you can use the Lumberworx design tool. This free tool gives construction industry professionals the ability to design wall, floor and roof members using the Lumberworx product range. If you have any questions about how to use the tool please contact the Lumberworx customer and support team.

LIB88s Floor Joist Span Tables

The Lumberworx I-beam is perfect for use as a floor joist due to its ability to have service penetrations and strength.

LIB88s Rafters Span Tables

The Lumberworx I-beam is light which aides in installation.

LVL13 Floor Joist Span Tables

LVL13 is commonly used as a joists due to its consistency and strength.

LVL13 Rafters Span Tables

LVL13 is commonly used as a rafter and can reach the extra spans required.

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